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Installation planning


Production Support

3D scanning



We create concepts based on task definition, sketches or initial ideas, which we can also turn into complete designs.


With computer modelling we generate cutting-edge documents, that are easy to handle manipulate, that are also
  • Suitable for manufacturing
  • Guidelines for machine installation
  • Assembly and maintenance documents
  • A basis for future modifications and development
  • Are suitable for ERP software, such as SAP
  • Virtual testing

    Prior to production, assembly and installation, we can perform stress and strain analysis on our 3D models or animate their desire movements.


    Due to an increasing demand for production, we have begun developing our own workshop. Until we are fully ready, we will continue to provide high quality, on-time manufacturing, and competitive pricing with the help of our partners, who have served us for over 20 years.


    In addition to manufacturing components, we also procure complete machines, complete with purchase parts and scheduling for additional tasks.

    Installation planning

    We can help prepare for installation or machine relocation, as we have for many of our multinational clients, when they expanded their facilities. We can also help with technological development and in establishing the necessary planning.


    In addition to installing machines developed by us, we can help you install machines purchased from other suppliers.

    Production support

    We have over 20 years of experience supporting various colleagues in software like SAP and TeamCenter. Whether you are an operator, production engineering, working on continuous improvements, doing maintenance work, in production, logistics, purchasing, storage – we can help!

    3D scanning

    With close to 10 years in 3D scanning, we provide more than just quality assurance or design and installation data – we also help in areas such as marketing, facility management and smart-factory development. Let our experience to work for you!


    1999-present complete technical documentation and technical database management for a world leader in hygiene product manufacturing. We support several thousand people at the production facility.

    2000-2001 SAP implementation

    2002 Technical tasks for facility expansion.

    2003-2007 relocation of complete technical and production documents from England to Hungary (physical relocation by GE).

    2004-present production support for a pharmaceutical company (technical document, then later part design, machine design and installation).

    2006-2009 homogenization of documents for custom machines to be used in SAP.

    2007-present production support for a contact lens company.

    2009 custom machine design, production and installation for Hungarian automotive suppliers.

    2013 we aided a production complex expansion by creating the 3D model for a 5000 sqm facility and machine park.

    2013-2016 designed custom machines for a German automotive supplier.

    2017-2018 internal and external 3D scanning for facility management.

    2020 homogenization of machine design documents and technical development for a US production facility.

    2021 and beyond innovative work with YOUR company!

    Our achievements


    since 1999

    Our client base

    We successfully deliver on foreign or domestic contracts, short or long-term projects and for clients of any size!

    Our attitude

    We are forever agile and approach all of our tasks with the same level of creativity.