Competencies in Advanced Digitalization.


Géptervezés során a megrendelő igényeinek megfelelően vállaljuk: új gépek tervezését, meglévő gépek módosítását vagy optimalizálását a hatékonyság növelése érdekében. A tervezési folyamat magában foglalja a részletes tervek készítését, a szükséges anyagok kiválasztását, a műszaki specifikációk kidolgozását és együttműködést a megrendelő szakembereivel. Géptervezési munkáink célja a hatékony, megbízható és gazdaságos gépek létrehozása, amelyek kielégítik az ügyfelek elvárásait és az adott iparág szabályozásait.

Our customers requirements range from new machine design to modification and optimization of existing machines to increase efficiency. For each machine we take care of part design, material selection, establishment of technical specifications and engage in joint development work with our customer liaison. Our goal is to design effective, reliable, and cost-effective machines that meet our customer’s needs and their industry-specific requirements.

During construction our expert team creates custom parts and machines that exactly meet our customers specific need and technical requirements. Our services include the detailed design, material selection and production process optimization.

We manufacture everything with existing partners, or in the case of new technology, carefully vetted specialists, so that our customers benefit from a wide range of specialists and a high-level of quality. Benefiting from our supplier network, we can be flexible to changing needs. Our services include everything from design to production, as well as prototyping, testing and measurements, which provides competitive and innovative solutions for our customers.

With our 3D scanning technology, we can create accurate and detailed digital models of objects and spaces. Using our 3D scanning technology, customers can examine mechanical systems, parts or building structures. Our services are ideal for the project planning phase (BIM), maintenance planning, or for the accurate documentation of existing systems.

We make it possible for our customers to perform a variety of tests without the need for a physical environment or machines. We perform tests using simulations and modelling tools that allow us to evaluate design changes quickly and effectively. Our tools allow you to optimize a system, reduce design costs and speed up development time.


Szolgáltatásunkkal teljes körűen támogatjuk ügyfeleinket a gyártási folyamatok optimalizálásában és hatékonyabbá tételében. Tapasztalt szakembereink javaslatokat tesznek az eredményesség növelése érdekében.
A gyártástámogatásunk célja a termelési hatékonyság maximalizálása és a költségek csökkentése,ezzel is hozzájárulva ügyfeleink versenyképességéhez.

Our services provide a full range of support for our customers in production optimization and for increasing processes efficiency. The recommendations of our experts will improve your desired results.

Our production support aims to maximise your output and minimise your costs, thus positioning your favourably in your market.

Through project management we can offer assistance with; operations, maintenance, development, purchasing and warehouse associates and tasks. We liaise between decision-makers and operative staff.

Our Digital Documentation services allow you to effectively handle active documents (i.e.: technical drawings, production drawings and related workflows, etc.). We make it easy to centrally store and access digital plans, technical drawings and any other documents. When digital documents are correctly maintained, accessing information becomes quicker and more effective during design, maintenance, or any phase of your technical life-cycle.
We ensure that your documents are always up-to-date, thus optimizing project management and supporting effective communication between project members.

We offer installation management services, supplying the technical experience, custom planning, and tailored installation solutions. During almost 25 years of experience, have gained very specific technical knowledge for executing on-site expansions and technological development. We provide support for resource optimization, time management and assist in adhering to stringent regulations. We are active in the preparation phase of an installation, thus promoting procurement efficiency, with a swift and successful startup.

CADesigner can rely on long-standing partnerships to efficiently ramp-up your equipment and mechanical systems. In the case of new technology, we have access to third-party suppliers for additional support. Our experienced team can coordinate projects from the planning phase onwards, including resource acquisition, schedule optimization, and adhere to necessary regulations throughout.


Knowledge base

Software support (IBM, HxGN ALI)


About us

CADesigner has over 25 years of machine design and procurement experience. Our experience with document management is unique. We are flexile and agile, which makes us formidable project managers and has resulted in a long list of references and satisfied customers. Relying on our past experiences, we can confidently manage your future projects.

We are an engineering company

CADesigner has specialized in the design and procurement of production machines and processes. We offer exceptional competence in the area of consumer product manufacture and problem solving. In addition we can create technical databases and life-cycle management for equipment, documents and data. We assist all of our customers with innovative thinking to create efficient and reliable production systems.


  • Project Management
  • Custom machine design and procurement
  • Industrial automation
  • 3D layout and part scanning
  • Technical documentation
  • Database system development and creation


Domestic and international return customers.

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Industrial custotmers:



Examples from our projects

CADesigner is an official HEXAGON representative in Hungary

Hexagon is one of a leader in sustainable development, with a portfolio of unique digital reality and automation solutions. Automated databases and workflows allow customers to plan successfully, while increasing output, efficiency, security and reducing cost.

WE are proud to be the official representative of Hexagon in Hungary. As part of Hexagon’s Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division, we don’t just sell the products – we are also active problem solvers, ensuring long-term partnerships and value-added growth for our clients. Using Hexagon’s products ou can modernise your industrial projects and plan more profitably and sustainably.

PAS Cyber Integrity

Paneldes Raceway
Instrument Manager
iConstruct / új HXGN program /
Exchange – ICAS Hardware Lock for SmartPlant License Manager (SPLM)